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Weekly Classes


Our current term of classes started Thursday 23rd May and is being delivered by guest teachers Alex and Lottie.


Tickets for the Level 1 class are sold in a block of 5 weeks with each week building on the previous week. Tickets for this class should be booked online in advance of each term starting. It is no longer possible to join the Level 1 class this term. 


The Level 2 class, Open Practice and social dancing is pay as you go so that you can drop-in whenever you like.

Thursday night class timetable

7.15 - 8.15pm Level 2 (drop-in pay as you go)

This class is for dancers who have attended at least two terms of Level 1 classes. It will also be an enjoyable class for our regular Level 2 class attendees. The class will be followed by Open Practice (see below for more details). 

The class will be delivered on a 'drop-in' basis. There is no requirement to book in advance. 

8.15 - 9.15pm Level 1 (advance booking only)

Our Level 1 class is for complete beginners and will cover the fundamentals of Lindy Hop.

If you’re brand sparkly new to swing dancing or to Lindy Hop, this is the level for you.  No previous experience is necessary to attend our Level 1 classes (nor is a dance partner).   


We’ll take you through the basic steps, rhythms, moves and techniques – everything you need to turn yourself into a dancer. We recommend you complete at least two terms of Level 1 classes before moving up to Level 2.

We are delivering these classes in blocks of 5 or 6 weeks because each week builds on the previous week. You will need to book online in advance of each term starting. More information on our Prices page.

8.15 - 9.15pm Level 2/3 Open Practice (drop-in)

Open practice is about creating a space where dancers can practice anything - such as moves you have been taught in a class, or technique you’ve not quite got the hang of. This is not teacher led but there will be at least 2 experienced dancers there, 1 lead and 1 follow. They will answer questions and offer help if requested.  These 2 people can of course also practice if it’s appropriate but their main purpose is to provide support to anyone attending. We will also have a volunteer DJ there to provide support and great tunes!

9.15 - 10pm - Social Dancing (included in class ticket)

45 minutes of social dancing for all levels, with tunes provided by our volunteer DJ team.

10pm 'till late - Social drinks in the pub

Join us in the pub and get to know your fellow Lindy Hop dancers. We usually head to The Antiquary, 72-78 St Stephen St, Edinburgh EH3 5AQ. There will be an announcement at the end of social dancing.

Term Start Dates


11th January - 15th February

22nd February - 28th March

Easter Break

11th April - 16th May 

23rd May - 27th June 

Summer Break

We usually return in September!


Level Descriptions

At ESDS, we place great emphasis on teaching fundamental techniques and basic skills. These essentials form the foundation of our progressive classes. We then build from there to develop more advanced skills. Please read through our level descriptions and select the class level that suits you best right now. That said, we encourage even our experienced dancers to revisit the basics from time to time, as this can only make you a better dancer.

We want you to feel comfortable in our classes, but also to foster your growth as a dancer. It's important that you choose a class level that will challenge you without overwhelming you.

Should you have any questions about the most suitable level for you, our teachers are always available for guidance and discussion.

Level 1: Fundamentals

If you’re brand sparkly new to swing dancing or to Lindy Hop, this is the level for you.  No previous experience is necessary to attend any of our Level 1 classes (nor is a dance partner).   


We’ll take you through the basic steps, rhythms, moves and techniques – everything you need to turn you into a dancer.


Even if you have previous dance experience, please consider joining our Level 1 class to further develop the basics and techniques you'll need to be able to join us in the more advanced levels and to really swing on the dance floor.

Level 2: Technique and Core Moves

Once you’ve completed a minimum of two full terms of Level 1 Lindy Hop plus a minimum of one term of our Level 1 Charleston, or have gained similar experience in another dance scene, we’d love you to join us for Level 2 classes. 


In Level 2, we'll help you expand your repertoire, focus on the techniques in more detail and improve your connection with both the music and your dance partner. We aim to give you the confidence and competence you need to feel comfortable on the dance floor. 

Level 3: Advanced Styling and Improvisation

If you've been dancing for many years and you're ready for a challenge, Level 3 is for you! To dance at this level, you should have the experience, versatility and skills to dance with anyone at most tempos, and you'll understand musical phrasing and a wide variety of lead/follow techniques. You should come to this class at the point in your dancing when you already feel confident in the following:

Swing out / Lindy Turn / Lindy Circle / Texas Tommy / Basic Jazz Steps / Changes in rhythm / Basic Tandem / Smooth changes between Lindy Hop rhythms / Turning / 6 beat / 8 beat.


In this level, we'll further refine your techniques, attempt more challenging variations, and expand on the moves you know. Be prepared to spend a lot of time working on areas such as momentum, pulse, lead/follow connection, rhythm and musicality, as well as improvisation.


If you’re not sure if this is the right level for you, please ask our teachers. We want you to choose the right level for you to make you the best dancer you can be – have fun doing it!

Guest Teachers


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