Workshops & Sunday Socials

Every month (excl. August) we will be holding a Workshop followed by a Social Dance. 


The workshops will cover a range of techniques, moves and styling of various Swing Dance styles/ variations.


Social Dance: 

All dancers welcome! Come along a join us for a lovely afternoon of music, dancing and socialising. Please don’t be shy if you are new to Lindy Hop. Trust us we have ALL been there! Social Dances are what it’s all about and it is a great way to be inspired, to practice and to get to know your fellow dancers.

Initially it'll be a 'bring your own' tea/ coffee/ snacks as we will be unable to provide refreshments. (The Stockbridge market would make a great place to pick up some yummy snacks beforehand!)

Sunday 22nd May 2022

LifeCare Centre - Café 


11.30am - 1.00pm - 'Learn the Shim Sham' Workshop

Join us for our next Sunday workshop to learn the classic Shim Sham! This is a popular solo dance routine usually performed to “Tain’t What You Do” by Jimmy Lunceford. The workshop is suitable for all levels of dancer, including beginners.

1.30pm - 3pm - Social Dance

Join us for a social dance with music by our resident DJ's. All levels welcome!